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A groovy bunch of Go-Go gals and guys, ready to take you by storm! We have been spotted all over the San Francisco Bay Area, pony-ing up a storm at Exotica-au-Go-Go, 12 Galaxies, the Rickshaw Stop, and more!

It's the Bay Area's First Go Go Dance party for the underage set! Inspired by the 1960's television show "Kiddie A-Go-Go," The Devil-Ettes offer a new spin on an old classic with music and fun for all ages. Whether you're a kid, or just like to act like one, this is one bash you won't want to miss!

America's first convention dedicated to the foxy, fabulous and all-around over-the-top world of burlesque takes it on the road! Performances from 200+ contemporary pinup queens, TAKE classes in everything from tassel-twirling to burlesque fan dance techniques and meet the legends of days gone by. Tease-O-Rama will take place this September 26th - October 5th in Seattle, Portland, Ashland and San Francisco USA!