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Sassy, sultry, yet utterly All-American, The Devil-Ettes provide good clean fun for kids of all ages! These go-go goddesses have gained notoriety for settin the fringe a flyin' at their wickedly wild high-energy shows. Keeping the lost art of go-go alive, these gals are masters of the historical dances from the hey-day of 1960's Go Go, including the hully gully, the Jamaican ska, the frug, the watusi and oh so many more great dance steps! In addition to numerous performances in their hometown of San Francisco, the girls' fancy footwork has taken them to Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles and beyond! We are pleased to report that the girls were featured in Atomic magazine, GQ-Spain, The UTNE Reader, The Spectator, Dance Magazine, Hustler, British scene magazine, The Face, and a huge SIX-page spread in Deutsches Glamour (that's Glamour Magazine's German edition!). Local publications include the cover of the San Francisco Independent, a recent cover feature in the 96 Hour section of The San Francisco Chronicle, The SF Bay Guardian, The SF Weekly (VOTED Best Garage Rock Dance Troupe 2000), The San Francisco Examiner plus many more. They also have been spotlighted on NPR, Much Music (Canadianšs MTV) and twice on Britainšs BBC, including the popular show Roadside U.S.A.

Want to know more about Go-Go? Read "The Birth of a Fad" by Lynn Peril and "The Go Go Family Tree" by Domenic Priore.

"A cornucopia of nonstop American kitsch" - THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN

"Thank you, God." - THE SF WEEKLY